Video SEO Services – Based On Performance!

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We are so confident in our abilities to get your web properties and videos on Google page ONE
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In January 2010 we uploaded the video below onto YouTube, simply as a ‘video seo results’ proof video. While it’s no

‘Spielberg Production’, it serves well to demonstrate to you that our videos ‘stick’ to Google page 1, as nearly all the examples

shown in the video are still holding page one positions on Google and YouTube.

Equally important, is the fact that either this video itself or our YouTube Channel has remained at the top of the search engines for the last five years for: ‘video seo services’.

And our website has held the top positions on Page ONE Google in nearly every Country, for the last four years for the same Google search; “video seo services”.

Looking for video SEO and/or website SEO? We can help!

We will analyze Google search data and create a bespoke SEO package to suit your exact needs. Designed to keep you at the top of the search engines for the terms people are entering into Google to find YOU!