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Google Page 1 – With 100% ‘White Hat’ SEO

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[pullquote align=”normal” cite=”Mark Pope”]In January 2010, we uploaded the following video onto YouTube. It’s no ‘Speilberg Production’, but it serves well to demonstrate that we can probably get your videos onto Google Page 1… and keep you there![/pullquote]
Now six years on, virtually every example within the video still remains at the top of the search engines. Which shows that videos optimized right can hold rank for many years.

Also, this video itself was only replaced by our channel in 2014. It remained on page one Google and #1 YouTube for over 4 years! It still remains page one YouTube today for the search term “video seo services”. Competing with all the video seo ‘experts’ around the world.

100% ‘White-Hat’ Video SEO

And there’s something even more important for the ‘techies’ among you… because if you check the number of back links to this video, and indeed the examples within the video, we have very few back links, we have not littered Google with 100’s of 1000’s of pieces of junk to get ranked.

This is achieved through 100% ‘white-hat’ VSEO (video search engine optimization), meaning everything we do is clean and we have given both YouTube and Google all the correct signals about the relevancy of our content.

This is how we operate, which should give you great peace of mind that whether we work with you, or you take our instructions to optimize your videos yourself, your videos will get to the top of the search engines and stay there for possibly/probably years to come.

Google Page One – It’s Where You Need To Be

If getting multiple Google Page 1 entries, picture links on page 1, heading GoogleVideo and YouTube listings is of interest to you, then you need to contact us before your competitiors do…. Because those that establish themselves first, have a distinct advantage.

Video Marketing with the RIGHT Video SEO drives quality traffic, because video itself greatly improves your prospective clients buying experience, by delivering instant visual gratification, stimulating all the right senses.

Whatever services or products you provide, Video Seo Services can get you multiple listings on pages 1 and 2 of the primary search engines for the ‘highest volume’ ‘buyer orientated keyword search terms’ for whatever you have to offer.

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