Video SEO Results 002

#2 on Google and #2 on GoogleVideo for over 3 years

Video SEO Results Correct at Time of Publishing – 5th Sept 2013

Search phrase: can’t change youtube username
Client: Ourselves –
Proof: Ourselves –
Competition: 763,000,000 competing results on YouTube
Notes: Competing with all YouTuber’s across the world – Stood the test of time and all Google updates

Video SEO Results –

Mark Pope

Mark first became interested in SEO back in 2009 when he uploaded a video that got ranked top 5 in Google in one day, with over 14 million competing results! He had ZERO SEO experience at that time! He spent months figuring out "how", nailed it, and has been perfecting his SEO skills since. In his own words: "You need to give Google what it wants without them having to search for it. Trying to trick Google is an absolute fools game. Play by the rules and SEO done right can pay fantastic dividends for many years." You can find Mark at: