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Google are Super-Smart and have Deep Pockets – Only a fool would think they could trick ‘The Google Geeks’ for any length of time!

Mark Pope

There are very few industries in which we can validate instantly, if a business is as good as they say they are. Fortunately for you ‘search engine optimization’ is one of those industries that you can validate RIGHT NOW!

You can go to Google, Bing, Yahoo search, in any Country of your choice, type in “video seo services” or “video seo service” and you will see our YouTube Channel AND our website, usually both within the top 5 positions on Google Page 1. Please remember, this is competing with all “video seo experts” across the World – Currently 34,900,000 competing results!

If you search on Yahoo we have five or six entries on page 1 for the same search.

You could search for “youtube video seo services” and note that our YouTube Channel is #1 and that we have TWO web page listings also on Google page 1 somewhere below the fold (between positions 6 and 10).

We’ve reliably held these positions since 2009/2010, because we give Google what it wants!


The Really Good News Is: We can do the same for you!

IF your website is built on a WordPress CMS Platform, then we have great confidence in our abilities to get your website on Google Page 1 for approximately **80 – 90% of your target keywords, and keep them there.

The ‘Performance Based’ Website SEO Service

To take that a little further, and “put our money where our mouth is”, since 2011/2012, we introduced our “Performance Based SEO Services”. We charge a minimal amount to set everything up, and get the bulk of our monies based on performance, when you get to page 1 on Google.

Website Design and SEO

If your website is under performing and/or you’re site’s desperately in need of a face lift, or you’re NOT running on WordPress, then we’d be happy to quote to re-build your current website and deliver a great looking site that delivers results and is easily managed by YOU if needed.

Here’s What We’ll Do For You:

  • Analyze Google’s Keyword Search Data for the people looking to find You
  • We will work with you to understand your challenges, goals and perfect client
  • Prepare 2 or 3 option quotations to increase your Google rankings and clients
  • Deliver a website that performs and gives you easy control if and when you want it

Website SEO Services that ‘Stand the Test of Time’.

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