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How to Create a YouTube Account for SEO

In this video we look at the creation and setting up of a New YouTube account to help get your videos ranked in the search engines, and discuss the importance of the YouTube account name you choose.

Watch How to Create a YouTube Account for SEO on YouTube

As we reveal more of our YouTube SEO secrets to getting your videos found in the search engines, you will understand the full relevance and importance of an optimized channel or acount name, so please follow this instruction video closely so you set your YouTube account up the right way from the start.

With over 8 years of video being uploaded to YouTube every day, you need to send as many signals as possible for your videos to be found in Google, YouTube and the primary search engines as you are competing with 100’s of millions of videos.

This is called SEO or VSEO – Video Search Engine Optimization

How to Create a YouTube Account for SEO

Keep these top tips in mind when setting up your new YouTube account:

1. Keep your channel ‘On Topic’ – Keep a common topic/theme to your videos

2. You only have 20 characters of letters & numbers – No numbers or special characters

3. Capitalise Each Word In Your New Account Name – www.youtube.com/user/DentistsInAtlanta

4. YOU CAN’T CHANGE YOUR ACCOUNT NAME – So remember to get it right from the start


You need to be clear what your objectives are for the channel you are about to create:

There are three types of account or username you may consider:

1. For SEO – Use Primary Keywords

2. Build your brand – Use your Company Name

3. Inviting / Intriguing – Fix, New, How, Cure, Best…


So let’s get started with some great free tools to help with your channel name choice:

1. Use the ‘Google Keyword Tool’ for name ideas – This will help you to see what is being searched each month, and how many are searching to find what you have. https://adwords.google.com/o/KeywordTool

2. Use ‘knowem.com’ to check availability of YouTube channel names, other social media profiles and domain names. This is a great free tool to check all these properties in one place if you’re looking to build out a large campaign or brand. Knowem.com

3. Set up a new Gmail account for the account

4. Register your new account either by clicking by visiting: https://www.youtube.com

How to Create a YouTube Account for SEO