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‘Performance Based’ Web and Video SEO Pricing … How All SEO Service Providers Should Work

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[pullquote align=”normal” cite=”Mark Pope”]We are so confident in our abilities to get your videos on Page One that we are prepared to get the bulk of our payment only when we’ve got you there![/pullquote]

Get Started For Less Than You Think …

Once we have analyzed your market and researched Google’s own search data, we’ll gauge the work required to get you on page ONE and keep you there, and submit a detailed proposal.

Other than a small set-up fee (depending on your market and keywords), there will be nothing more to pay until your videos or web pages and web properties are on Google and/or YouTube page 1, for their designated keywords!

So whether you’re looking to get your videos in front of ‘super car geeks in Miami’, ‘garden wheel barrow buyers in Greenland’ or ‘eccentric luxury yacht enthusiasts on the Solent’… here’s what we’ll do for you:

1. We’ll uncover exactly what your prospective clients are typing into the search engines each and every month to find YOU.

2. Agree on the best keywords that would best work for you to give you both fast and long term R.O.I.

3. Get to work on optimizing your videos or web properties to rank in Google and/or YouTube ahead of your competitors.

4. Keep working to reinforce the ranking to maintain page one for a number of years.

Submit your details today and your web properties or videos could be on Page One just weeks from now… Consistently driving new prospective clients to your business or services.

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